Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Must we fight?

Every day we take on a series of battles that start from the moment out little man wakes to the moment he finally falls asleep and you successfully sneak out of his room. It's crazy, and a vat of frustration that you have to feel to understand. Examples you say??? Don't mind if I do!

Breakfast battle from this morning. Ro-Dog asks for toast, I make him toast 'no want toast, cereal'. I make him a bowl of cereal to eat while watching 'toon's, continuously reminding him to eat, 'no want cereal'. Bye bye food that many children of the world would die to eat. The waste makes me cringe every time, and this is often my friends.

Then comes the taking off of the night time diaper. This diaper that weighs nearly 5 pounds of pure stinky night time pee, this diaper that drags on the floor as he walks and squishes into his bum when he sits, this diaper that he has developed an unnatural attachment to so much so that it is a battle to get the frickin thing off. Barf!

And then we have to battle to get his clothes on, then the outdoor clothes (curse you winter and all the time and effort it takes to put on the layers, only to have to take then all off for an unexpected pee). Then the battle to come in, to eat lunch, to go down for a nap, to get out of his room before he falls asleep (which is usually ending in either myself or Colin falling asleep with him). Then our battle free break for his nap time..................ahhhhh peace.

And then it all starts over again. Snack battles, pee battles, dinner battles, we have to spend at least an hour every dinner convincing, bribing, coming up with fun games, to get him to even eat a few bites...............actually this goes for all times in which he has to eat (unless of course the food is something such as cookies or other such desserty yummy yums). And then of course the getting out of the house battles, pajama battles, brushing of teeth battles, bedtime battles.

Added to all of these battles are his methods of lashing out in the midst of it all. We have the spitting, biting, pulling of hair, smacking, screaming, throwing toys at the baby, throwing things in general, peeing in his pants (yes it happens when he gets mad at us) on the floor, in his bed, in our bed, dumping liquid and food on the floor, on the table.........................and the list goes on and on.

How on earth does anyone survive toddlerhood anyway? I certainly wouldn't keep a friend that treated me this way!! haha Lucky I made you little one and that you have all these amazing points as well, such as being unbelievably cute, loving, and despite what it says above, a totally awesome, amazing little man that I am proud to call my son.

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