Thursday, January 27, 2011


Where does your brain go when you first get pregnant? There you are holding your own in adult conversations, thoughts and memories flying out of your mouth like a beautiful mist of smartness and then KAPLOW gone. Never to be seen or found again.

My adult conversations consist of a partial sentence filled with banging your head off the table inability to find the words I am looking for, broken up by one child or another, followed by several minutes of staring off into space. After a slight head shake I will look toward the adult I was attempting to make conversation with and say something along the lines of, 'what was I saying?' and if I am lucky and conversing with a fellow mom of young child(ren) the response will be 'i totally forget, but I am sure it was very important and interesting' (that is, if they are nice mama's!).

There is also the super smart move of walking with purpose and determination into a room only to stand there digging deeper and deeper into your muddled and, on most occasions, totally blank mind trying to remember why you are there in the first place.

They don't call this mama brain for nothing.

It has reached a point, at times, when I have actually been seriously concerned for my mind and where it may have gone, a very uncommon case of early onset Alzheimers ? It has crossed my mind. Seriously.

Is it true that it lasts for four years per child? Is it a myth? They once said that PMS was a myth....... SCREW THEM. Oh hormone imbalance, please even yourself out so I can have my measely little brain back!! A bit more emotional stability would also come in handy...........................okay okay hormones, we will start with brain function first!

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