Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodnight lads

While Colin was out gallivanting around town last night with his man friends, I was getting a taste of what life would be like if Avery were not consistently a superstar ain't pretty.  For the first time in a long time Avery was having a tough night falling asleep.  On a normal night, that would have been fine (actually it just wouldn't have happened, he is that much of a superstar), I would be upstairs rubbing his belly, tapping his diaper, shushing it up, while Colin put Rohan to sleep.  It is very different when it is just mama.

Rohan needed to be there the whole time, demanded to be there in fact, with threat of screams and fits. I hardly had a choice.  So I had two bambino's to shush that night.  Eventually Avery, me and Rohan ended up reading stories in Rohan's room.  Rohan ever so gently rubbing Avery's back, telling him it's okay................plop goes my whole being turning in to a puddle of goo for these, the sweetest of non sleepers in all of the lands.

Avery has a hard time being around Rohan and not loving all over him with his goopy saliva filled face/hands/mouth, so sleep was far from imminent during this story time adventure.  Another transfer to mama's room, another sleep attempt....failed.  Damn.  And so the three of us in my bed, I nurse Avery with fingers and toes crossed that he will fall asleep.  Laying beside his super cool, most favourite person in the world (ro-dog and not myself of course) meant it was most definitely not happening.

One last try in the crib.  I stand there rubbing his belly with abated breath, occasional giving Rohan the look that says keep your arms and legs inside the bed at all times.  Sleep happened. Slowly, ever so slowly, Avery finally gave up the good fight, with occasional  gasping sobs and the eyes stayed closed.  I dared not breath a sigh of relief as I had yet another little monkey to put to bed.

To avoid any possible sudden movements, I kept him in my bed (to be honest, I prefer them as close to me as possible at night, when I am alone. I can do some serious sketching of myself out when alone in the house) and lay down with him.  With nearly 2 hours of struggle, everyone (myself included) was fast asleep.  This deserved a nice long sleep in for sure.................or up at 5am.  So. Very. Tired.

It sounds like I just do not have my s-h-i-t  together.  But Avery really is just that super amazing.  I normally give him a kiss and flop him into his crib, my job done.  He then proceeds to whimper a bit, roll back and forth, chew on his blanket, pull it over his head, scratch at the crib slats, sleep.  I have watched this process on many occasions, just to see him in action.  It is a beautiful thing.  So needless to say I forgot how to put a baby to sleep by actually working for it.  I was at a loss.  I just have it way too easy.

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