Monday, May 16, 2011

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SO to maintain a sense of real unmom reality, to get out of the house, to dabble in my (potentially) creative side, and because I have a super awesome baby who *gasp* sleeps for more than 2 consecutive hours, I have been dabbling in a few night classes.

These classes are by no means career expanding (unless I somehow find the money to acquire necessary equipment...............pfffffttt  yeah right!) but they are extremely helpful to me.  Monday nights I have started taking a pottery class, which has the rewards of  instant gratification.  I have already created some bowl, mug and plate masterpieces for the boys.

This class will be permanently completed at the end of this month *sob* as the instructor is moving to a smaller space.  I love this class so very very much.  As well as the above mentioned instant gratification, it also offers a sort of 2 hour meditation.  A full on concentration of whatever creation you are working on.  Hands in constant motion, mind at rest (mostly).  It works to relieve stress, and work out some of the negative energy that has built up over the week.  I am truly going to miss this class. 

My second class is on Thursday nights and it is an introduction photography class.  This class I love as well.  It expands my knowledge of photography, which will, hopefully, in turn, expand my abilities as an amateur may even encourage me to go so much as to take photographs of things other than my children!

This is a class that I have to slink into with my sad and pathetic point and shoot camera, hiding it (extremely easily due to it's embarrassing size) under my jacket or under the chair.  I look on enviously at the SLR's of my fellow classmates, assessing how I could possibly afford a camera upgrade, ummm not likely any time soon!

So these classes will both be ending by the end of this month, but up until this point they have served me extremely well.  I have managed to leave the house without children two nights a week, and I have learned a few new creative possibilities.  Will I pursue either of these things?  Maybe when I win the lottery!!  But for now, they have been a couple of great hobbies!

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