Tuesday, May 31, 2011

green eyed monster

I was out walking with the little 'uns yesterday, beautiful, sunny, happy Monday stroll through the village.  All was going well (ish) when I spotted up in the distance two 20 something ladies on the opposite side of the road.  That was when I smashed headlong into the green eyed monster. Kabam.

What was it about those lovely ladies that caused such a stir in me?  Was it those lovely little sundresses purchased from anywhere but the Rupert Centre or Giant Tiger?  Was it the fact that their was no obvious signs of vomit, poop, snot, pureed baby food, or not so pureed toddler food on their super attractive outfits?

Perhaps this collision with aqua had more to do with the bodies barely hidden underneath these flower patterned dresses for the sun?  These bodies that have no visible indications of premature sagging, stretching, scaring, tearing, or any unsightly lumps nor bumps where they do not belong?

Could it possibly have been the careless, carefree way they were sauntering through the streets with a coffee in hand?  Midday?  Not having to worry about the affect the caffeine may have on their precious sleep?  Or how that caffeinated beverage may cause their infant child to become fussy, irritable and *gasp* sleepless through the night?

All of these things seem like they all could have some great potential to emerald it up for me.  Me who was dragging my feet.  Me who was constantly keeping a vigilant eye on the straying toddler.  Me who was probably adorned in yoga pants and a tank top, which, if it was even a might bit stylish,  was hidden underneath all the extra fluid that was pouring out of the infant son, who was strapped to me in an Ergo.  My envy did not, however, lay in any these things.

As I walked down the street with my toddler son running up ahead of me, I was bogged down with a ridiculous amount of stuff, such as, infant son strapped to the front of me.  I was also donning a  largeish cooler bag filled with all the things that a toddler and infant may need such as spare diapers, pants, sleeper, food, liquid, wipes, cloths, spoons, bibs, sunscreen, hats,  etc etc...  To add to the pile of crap I was towing with me, the toddlers tricycle that he no longer wanted to ride.

I dragged my harried self across the parking lot with such bone crushing invidiousness because of their purses..

I have never been a big purse person, but , oh my god, those purses were soooooooo small and light and and and practical. I envied those small leather carriers like nothing I have felt before. I stood there, drool dripping out of my (and both childrens) mouth, back hunching over like Quasimodo.......oh to be able to carry so little.  I miss my back, it used to work so well. ..........

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