Sunday, May 1, 2011

I need people

After my tragic day of hysteria I managed to spend the next couple of days in glorious sunshine, surrounded by glorious people.  Our little family hit a huge, local, garage sale that was part purchasing super cool stuff, part first social gathering after the long, cold hermit forced winter, and part meeting my brand new, beautiful niece.  It was magical.  So much sunshine, so much people, so many smiles and shocked white, hairy skin..............I loved it.

That fine evening I forced myself and the rest of my family on my poor unsuspecting neighbour, pushing our way into her house cloaked with food and wine.  Bliss.  The next day?  Vegfest with my super awesome friend and her baby and my baby, no toddlers in sight.  This followed by yet another bombardment onto the neighbours and now I feel AWESOME.

I wanted, in my head, to be alone.  Totally alone. For once.  And yet, after being surrounded by all these people,  I feel as if I can breathe again.  I am smiling and am totally happy and sunny and..............not overwhelmed.  What I had taken as a desire to get away from people, seems to have been a craving to actually be around people.  A week at home with two sick kiddies in the country? Well, it's isolating.  I needed to see the sun, I needed people, I needed to be toddler free for a day.  I got it all this weekend and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I remember discovering some information (I think it was a Waldorf inspired book, but I could be wrong) about different methods in which to re-energize yourself after a day filled with...........people or no people.  This was specifically to help kids with their ability to keep it together.  Some children need to be taken away from the hub bub and just take some time to themselves.  Other children need to spend some time with other kids to re-energize.  I think I am kind of inbetween, but very much leaning toward theo necessity to be enveloped by the energy of others.  I NEED people.
I actually (don't tell Colin this!), dream of the idea of having a roommate, living with more people.  More people to talk to, to have a morning coffee with.  I really love hanging out with people.  hmmm in this chaos of the week came some self discovery.  Nice work universe, thanks for the message.

As a super interesting side note, Avery FINALLY graduated from his bassinet and is now, tonight, sleeping in his crib......*sob*  I miss the bassinet already, he just looks so small in the crib.

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