Friday, May 6, 2011

Sleeping Angels

I watched both of my boys fall asleep the other night.  I don't usually put Rohan down, that has become daddy's job, but tonight, he wanted mama.  What could I do?

Avery had his shots today. He needed a little extra love in order to fall asleep, just confirmation that there was an additional presence in the room,  a warm, reassuring hand on his belly.  His breath slowed to a steady pace, eyes started toward their gaze inward, eye lids droop, open wide, droop a little bit further, closed.  Open.  Closed. Nice, steady, even breath puffing out his nose.

Rohan lay his head on my shoulder, resisting the idea of going to sleep, while fighting the ever quickening droop of his sleepy little eyelids.  After his breath turned into the even breath of sound sleep, I slipped my arm from his head, placed a blanket over the rise and fall of his sleeping chest.  I tip toed out of his room without causing even the smallest of stirring from my little sleeping beauty.

There is something meditative and magical about watching your children fall asleep.  When you slow down and stop the mad rush of your mind and just watched and felt and heard your kidlets drift into dream land.  Ahhhh  it is lovely!  Unless of course you are in rush to get crap down!! haha

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