Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had the most interesting and unusual morning with Rohan today. I LOVE morning time with Rohan, sometimes it takes him a while to get used the fact that it is morning time, so we spend a few minutes (or more, depending n his temperament) cuddling on the couch. Well this morning, we were doing just that, chatting about cereal or cats or sweet dreams, when he suddenly had it in his head that he wanted some mama milk. Rohan essentially weaned himself off of the the boob several months ago, close to 5 months I would guess.

This got me to thinking about Rohan's developing feelings towards becoming a big brother. Is it possible that he is grasping the inevitable decline in our time alone together? He seems too young to get that there will be a small infant jeopardizing the majority of my free time. And how did this suddenly come about, his desire for mama milk? We have had baths together consistently without even a second glance, aside from one time he decided to pour water over it , laughing and saying 'boob'. Strange indeed!

We have attempted to introduce to him the fact that there is a baby coming. He has come to all of my midwife appointments so far. He actually hates being in the office, but loves the doppler. He get's so excited about hearing the baby's heart beat. He points to my belly and proclaims a very loud and excited "ba boom ba boom' while patting his chest.

He now has a favourite stuffed animal, a mouse that my friend Rebecca has bought for him when he was a baby. We started to call the mouse the baby and have attempted to treat him as such. Rohan and I wrap him up in a blanket and make him burp. I have even made him cry in the most annoying way to get him used to the sound! And of course offered him (the baby, not Rohan) mama milk. It is a game that he really did love to play, though we haven't done it in a while. Oh man, I just remembered, we also have the mouse sit on the potty and take poops!! haha plop plop! Oh the things you will do to help you children understand new things!!

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