Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ultra Sound

We had our ultrasound finally on Wednesday. It took over a month for them to be able to book me in, putting me up to 26 weeks (your first should ultimately be completed by your 22nd week). That is fine. I just needed to get some ultrasound pictures so we didn't start the favourtism too early, and of course to make sure that the child was but one, and that is was healthy, which I think it looks pretty good up there in the picture!

The experience itself was very impersonal and strange. Let me first explain the ultrasound experience we had with Rohan before I get into this one. With Rohan, the technician was super friendly, super chatty and explained what each picture was when she clicked on it. It was easily visible to myself and Colin and she explained where each thing is. Rohan was in the right position, so she exclaimed her joy for that as well.

While we were there another technician came in to test the 3D imaging on the machine, which meant that we were able to see Rohan in 3D, a totally surreal experience to say the least. That is when it becomes really 'real' is when you can see the child within you in the flesh..............almost. It was a really exciting experience and we received a few sneaky 3D pictures (something we would have had to pay $100 for if we had requested it) and a ridiculous amount of regular pictures. I felt pretty good leaving the roomy light room.

This time around it was like night and day. The technician was waiting for us when we had walked into the room after my name was called. He was very very french and explained to us, in french, that Rohan isn't normally allowed in the room. I brought him because I wanted him to be apart of all these special pre baby experiences, get him more excited by the prospect. It turned out to be okay, though we are not allowed to bring him again.

The room we were brought into was tiny, no windows and had a very dark and basementy feel to it. Although we attempted to answer his questions in english, the technician was still speaking pure french to us, which made it a bit difficult for us to communicate. I am admittedly timid and nervous when I get spoken to in french, and instead of asking people if they speak english, I strain my ears as much as I can to catch some words I might know. It works.............sometimes, okay, almost never.

So we are in this little room and he is rolling the roller on my belly occasionally saying things in english such as 'spine' and 'heart' and 'kidneys' and I am straining to see what he is mentioning on this tiny little tv screen that was placed on the wall opposite me, about ten feet away, that I can only assume was for the 'benefit' of the mothers. This combined with the rapid speed in which he was rolling over everything made the whole experience blurry and impossible to decipher. Than a woman popped her head in the room, said something to the technician, and he left abruptly, leaving us wondering if we should stay or go. We sat there (me not having had to hold my urine for the last 2 hours or anything). Waiting. He came back, rushed through the rest, took a couple of pictures of the head, printed them out, told us the doctor would be in to see us momentarily. And so we waited. The doctor arrived 'so what am I hear to look at' he pronounced as he walked in. Ummm..........the baby? It is our first ultrasound. 'Oh I see' he rolled like he had somewhere very important to be, and it wasn't there. He finished, said hi to Rohan and started heading towards the door, 'can we go?', 'yup, you are finished'.

It was magical! We felt.......strange coming out of there, uncomfortable, clinical. At least this wasn't our first time, it would have been very alien and anti climatic. Well it was actually, but we know that is not the norm, and that helps!

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