Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh yeah, I'm pregnant..........

There has already been so many things that I have done differently during this pregnancy. My focus on my pregnancy has been cut in half compared to my first one. I read and read and read some more about the fazes and stages involved in each new week of my pregnancy, where my baby was at, where I was at, the changes taking place for both of us. I could tell you how pregnant I was to the day at any given time. My almost walking on eggshells feeling during my first pregnancy is almost nil this time, to a point of occasionally lifting too heavy of a bag, carrying Rohan for unnecessary distances, or going for too long without eating.

I had so much time to think about being pregnant last time that I managed to constantly eat (I actually mean constantly, rarely was I seen with no food in my mouth or hands). I religiously looked up the details of what we can and cannot consume during pregnancy to make sure I wasn't poisoning my unborn child (as a vegan at the time, there is pretty much nothing you cannot eat really............). I made very good, healthy choices for the most part (aside from my addiction to dark chocolate covered almonds, though this time around my now midwife has informed my that they are packed full of iron, so go for it...........I love that woman!). I completely omitted caffeine from my diet and was careful not to do any yoga that was not on a pre-natal video.

These days are of a different time. I have very little time to think about my pregnancy, and until now, at 20 extra pounds (my god my body just basks in gaining weight!) I often forgot that I was pregnant for short periods of time. I have a pregnancy ticker thingy on Facebook that informs me of how many weeks I am, otherwise I would find out every 6 weeks when I went to visit the Midwife! I drink a cup of coffee a day sometimes two (gasp). It is unreal how much finger wagging and odd stares I get when I proclaim my indulgence. Crazy! Though it is mostly from people who have never been, and in some cases (men, what the what?) never will be pregnant. I lift, I occasionally do pilates (pre-natal) and yoga it up! I eat ice cream....often, and other such junk foody type things. I am living it up yo, the high life.

I have also found this time around that I am more likely to pamper myself. I go out for coffee a couple of times a week with Rohan (he loves it!! Not coffee of course, sheesh) I have purchased more clothing during this pregnancy than I have purchased in an accumulation of years! I have even signed up for pre-registered pre-natal yoga classes, twice, at a fairly up there cost. I feel as if it may be my subconscious reminding me that my time, and I mean that in the literal 'me' time sense, will be coming to a temporary close soon. I will have two little people that will need me more than I will need myself for the next couple of years. Pampering will have to slow down, and in some cases stop completely for a while. This honeymoon period of pregnancy, where it is all about me (well not quite so much so this time around of course, what with a 2 year old trying for the limelight!) will be gone, I will be forgotten and the beautiful new addition to our family will take the focus.
Yup, here we go again! Whew, I think I may be crapping my pants here!!

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