Friday, July 9, 2010

No my, No yeah, No Way........

Rohan has developed a verbal explosion over the last couple of months which has been super exciting. It is amazing to watch them go from grunt and point (or sign in this case) to actually verbalizing their needs. I LOVE IT. Though with this verbal explosion came an instant single negative whether the statement or question was meant to be in a negative context. Pretty much everything her says starts off with a no. Here a few of my new all time favourite things to hear during the day: No my (no mine, pretty easy), No Yeah (which is for EVERYTHING, example: Mama Bird: Rohan don't throw food on the floor please Rohan: No yeah pointing heatedly at the floor indicating that there is exactly where Mama's home cooked meal belongs............harsh!), No way and Go away.

Now let me go a bit deeper into the 'go away' that I am oh so fond of hearing day in and day out. Written down it seems harsh and rude, but not so with Rohan. His 'go away' has more of a Red Hot Chili Peppers sound to it (give it away give it away give it away now) and it is almost never put into a context that would be hurtful. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is more sounds than word for him and he often breaks out with a 'go away' song when playing with his guys (little lego men that he has named all guy or 'die' as he lovingly refers to them). I think he likes the the way the words just roll off his tongue, it is pretty humourous stuff, I should really try catching him when he busts out his impassioned 'go away' songs.................god he is cute, it kills me!

The ultimate though, is his 'no mama'. He loves his mama that is for sure. Even when I am standing right in front of him he is yelling 'NO MAMA", and I have actually come to look down at him, or crouch down, look him straight in the eye and say ' Rohan, I am literally right here in front of you, I mean literally Rohan, right here, dude, I mean right here..........' And I waited so long and so patiently for him to finally say Mama, bah they were all right!! haha (okay I still get secret smiles of pride hearing the mama's, it is a mind blower my friends, that first mama...........whew).

Some words that he is developing are hilarious like 'boob', where did that come from? He points and with a smile of ultimate pride spreading across his little innocent face he exclaims 'boob' this can be mistaken for poop also, so you have to really confirm to make sure he isn't planning on pooping on the floor! Oh the the no diaper + pooping stories that I have stored up in my medicine cabinet of 'one day I will become a comedian' memory!!!!

I love this language thing he is figuring out, he is so proud of himself every time he comes up with a new word with a loud expressive 'yeah' and two thumbs up! High fives and props all around!! I guess we are heading into a new territory of toddlerhood........whatwoh!!

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  1. The fact that boob is in his vocabulary is a wonderful thing... I think