Monday, November 29, 2010

Chugginton, chugga chugga chugga chugginton

Why oh why are kids shows so...................dumb? I don't mean dumb as in dumbed down so that the little people can understand them, but just straight up, eyes glazing over, watching picture, blocking out sound, pure silliness.

There are some kids shows on right now that are so unbelievably jaw droppingly strange that it makes me slightly uncomfortable watching it. Mostly these are the British ones such as this serious bizzaro 'toon:

I don't get it. At first Rohan was pretty angry and bitter that it wasn't an actual 'toon, but now, I think he actually likes it. It pretty much freaks me out a bit, as do a lot of the shows that they display on Treehouse.

We introduced Rohan to his morning time babysitter - Treehouse, which was to give us a little break in the morning when we first had Avery grace us with his presence. It has now become a serious crack addiction for Rohan, Colin and I alike. It takes the battle of trying to get him to eat his breakfast, and just generally makes him easier to be around in the morning (I say this about both Rohan and his father!!).

There are a few upsides to Treehouse, no commercials (though, now that Christmas is in the near future, I have seen a few sneak in), you don't have to monitor what is on because it is all meant for kids (though as stated above, more bizzaro than educational), and Rohan loves it.

The downsides are of course my total hypocrisy over the whole idea of TV which I still consider evil but now shamelessly depend on in the morning so I can have a peaceful cup of coffee. Oh lord the shame! How catchy the songs are, how wrong do you feel when you are singing children's 'toon's in your head (and even worse, out loud). The fact that is has become an unshakable habit for all of us and of course the fear of survival when we eventually and inevitably cancel our cable once hockey season is finally over.

Oh yes, and how to break this inevitability to Colin, yikes!

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  1. When you cancel cable, just get some DVDs of the cartoons that aren't ridiculously stupid (you might even find some that actually teach things to Rohan!)... and voila! - morning coffee breaks continue! :)