Friday, June 3, 2011

Beet that

Some more newbies that my little monkey has tried.  Man is he a crazy good eater, like a little bird, opening up his little beak..........C-U-T-I-E-- M-C-T-T-O-O-T-I-E

19. Apricot
20. Asparagus
21. Beets
22. broccoli
23. Quinoa
24. Raisins

The only food he has so far outright objected to has been avocado.  I mean, I fed the kid such bitter veggies as swiss chard and kale, and it is the super yummy smooth avocado that he rejects.  strange indeed. 

There are also a few things I learned about feeding a baby beets.  There is a good chance they will not like them at first (or ever for that matter). Beets doesn't totally dye his face, but he does seem a bit more red cheeked and jolly these days!  Also, DO NOT PANIC, that is beets in his diaper, he is not bleeding out of his bum.  That one can stop a heart beet...


  1. love reading what other moms are feeding their babes!! so many foods i forget about.thanks

  2. Thank you! I am doing some serious baby food experimentation these days. Partially for the vitamins and nutrients, but mostly to watch his facial expression on the first taste! Classic!