Monday, August 23, 2010

5am??? Oh Lord

Well it is 5am. Rohan has woken up and slipped contentfully into our bed, the family bed. I layed there wide awake. I tried to move him, he got mad, I put him back and layed there some more. My eyes are burning and itchy, my nose is dripping like a faucet and I am having difficult breathing while laying down. Not ideal sleeping conditions.

I slip away and head down stairs to make some toast with butter and honey. This experience reminds me of my younger days when my mom was a newspaper deliverer for the heavty weekend newspaper. We would have stacks of newspapers delivered to our door and as a team, we would all sit around and put the fliers in the newspapers. That may be a jagged memory, us being at a disgruntled teenage time, it could have been a been a battle to get us to do anything.

One day on the weekend I would go with my mom at some completely unreasonable hour and keep her company while she drove around delivering these massive newspapers. I almost wrote help there, but I have my suspicions that I just tagged along. When we were finished our delivery, we would sit up on my moms bed while the rest of the family slept, mom read the actual newspaper, I read the comics and we would eat toast and jam. Eventually I think I went back to bed to sleep, and I am sure my mom would start her day of motherly duties.

In a family of four it was precious time to get to be with your mom alone. I especially loved this time we had together and kept it up for quite a while. Thats nice, I like that memory in my mind, even if it is 5am...................

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