Saturday, August 7, 2010


Rohan doesn't watch TV. For many reasons this is the case. I don't think it is healthy for very young (or old for that matter) children to use their spare time watching mindless/numbing TV. There is very little benefit to it other than using it as a means to entertain your child while you do other things, or nothing. Also, it is expensive, which has been enough of a case for me to keep convincing Colin of the perils of TV (the price, not the mindlessness of course). So, for now, we don't have cable.

We have, however, let Rohan watch a Disney movie or two on a rainy boring day. He has a pretty low tolerance for them, usually only lasting a maximum of 1 hour (which is much more than I expected, him being two with boundless energy) until he gets impatient and starts doing something else. It is a nice rest for us (admittedly) and I can definitely put my hypocrisy's aside long enough to understand the reasoning behind parents using the TV as a temporary babysitter. It is pretty easy to turn on the tube, plop them in front and go about doing what it was you needed to do with out a child wrapped around your ankle. For Rohan, this is still a rare and special treat for him and I would like to keep it that way as long as possible.

There is one thing, though, that I have started to sneak in whenever I decide to hop on the computer for whatever reason, email, weather, check to see if anyone has made a comment on blog...(hint hint). To allow this to happen while Rohan is awake and in need of entertainment, I have started letting him watch funny dog and cat videos on Youtube. He loves them like crazy! Anytime he even looks at the computer he starts asking for cats or dogs or babies (whatever stage he happens to be at a the time). It has now progressed to watching this one (well three actually, it is part of a trilogy) video over and over again. He looks at me with longing in his eyes and repeats over and over again(they have a way of doing this) until I consider hearing him repeat it one more time to be a worse punishment than having to watch the video for the millionth time. This is the video It is pretty funny, but substantially less after the fifth time in a row. So this is now how I spend my mornings, watching dog................ball.

Yesterday, however, was the biggest movie day Rohan has ever experienced, and it was for the sole purpose to entertain him while I had my friend Henna my belly. This took an astonishing 4 hours to get done (with breaks in between of course). Four hours is a long time to keep your two year old entertained while you sit motionless and boring. So he watched The little mermaid. Not too bad, the scary parts are pretty easy to handle. And when that was done and we weren't, he watched The Chipmunks movie. I think he was getting just sleepy enough by this point that he actually didn't have energy to chase after Amanda's dog, or go searching for adventure. He was truly amazing, and I feel pretty guilty. I feel okay about movies when it is cold and rainy and miserable out, but when it is sunny and moderately temperatured, I feel pretty bad for keeping him indoors. But in the end, he doesn't hate me and now I have supremely rad Henna on my belly. A sacrifice I am sure!

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