Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why the battle man?

Dear Rohan,

We have had such an amazingly simple day, no real complaints, lots of giggles and cuddles. But today mama feels a bit under the weather. Kind of nauseous, super tired from my night of general bad sleep, and oh so little patience. So why my beautiful, precious child, do you pick to day (and yesterday as well) to start up yet another nap time battle?

The process is distinct, clear and the same every day (pretty much, okay I am pretty bad at timing, and on most occasions you fall asleep in the car) eat, story (ies) talk about day so far, 'good night Rohan, sweet dreams, mama loves you'. And than we lie down together, cuddle and drift off into blessed, beautiful, peaceful dream land. Or not. Climb on mama, pee, more stories, more milk..........................ahhhhhh.

After my angry outburst, than my tears, than my sulkiness, I finally sat you on my lap, in your bed, wrapped in a blanket and cuddled you into dream land, 2 hours after start time. Oh handsome boy, mama is just too tired for this.

Sweet dreams my boy, see you when you wake up from you nap.
Love mama

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