Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's it, it's the leash for you kid...........

Dear Rohan,

Today I felt as if I may have acquired a few extra stress lines and the beginnings of a head full of gray hair.

You like to run fast, it is great exercise, and you look unbelievably adorable with your little toddler, not quite one hundred percent on your feet, body occasionally surpassing your toes, run. It also conjures up a look of pure unadulterated freedom and joy. My heart swells.

You ran a couple of times today in places that are strickly no-no's. Such as the Molo's parking lot. I don't tend to run after you like a crazy person when you are there because it is easy to see you and also very easy to see if any cars are coming. I do however remind you in my very stern mama voice that it is not alowed, you must wait for mama and take her hand if you want to enter into a parking lot or onto a road. These are the rules, no leniency, no wishy washy, 'oh this time is fine'. This is very serious.

So we were at the local grocery store in Wakefield. I parked on the side parking that goes directly onto the road. We left the building with our goods, while I (stupidly) threw the groceries in the van, you ran ahead a bit. You were still on the side of the building, but in the parking lot section. I was weary, but not panicky. That is, until you swerved toward the road. I saw a car coming and ran like a crazy person, I grabbed your shirt (the closest thing I could get to) and knocked you down. The driver of the car (luckily) saw you too and stopped...........just short of hitting you.

I was so mad and scared at the moment I don't think that anything I could have said or done that could have provided you with the fear that I had sitting in the back of my throat and the pit of my stomach. I gave you a VERY stern warning, picked you up, sat in the side part of the van for a few minutes and cried while holding you as tight as I could. I strapped you in and hopped into the driver seat where I sat and bawled for a good 5 minutes.

Close call my little man. It is the leash for you for sure!

You are down for a nap now, and I am spending some quality cool down time. I love you handsome, sweet dreams, don't ever so that again!

Love Mama

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