Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My neighbour Colin saved the day

So, our van has been causing us troubles................nothing new really when you own a vehicle, trouble is their middles names, those vehicles. It started off as a new discovery. Our back passenger tire started to have a small leek, it went from filling up the tire every other day or so, to barely making it to the gas station every day to get some air in. On further examination of said tire, I found a previously owned patch job. We didn't do it. So this patch job lasted quite the amount of Kms before it reared its ugly head. Good for us.

To resolve this issue, I purchased a brand new digital compressor to use for our daily filling of tire needs. Nope did not get the tire repatched........why would I do that? So life was dandy, living some happy times with our new sparkly compressor, when one day, early in the morn, I noticed the front drivers side tire was flat. crap. On further inspection, Colin found the evil nail sticking out. We filled er up with air (thank you compressor, you were purchased in the nick of time) and I drove very slowly, very carefully while slightly crapping my pants, to the mechanics.

So I says to the guy. While you is fixin' this one, might as well fix the other. Nice, no more filling up the tire (no offense compressor my friend, you are just not needed anymore!). So I merrily drive to Hull today for an appointment at the SAAQ to get a vehicle registered, health card renewed and to change my license over.........................wrong day smarty pants, come back tomorrow. Bah. Oh well, I take my little man out for a tall glass of OJ at Molo's, our fav cafe in town, then head back home. The RoDog was looking mighty sleepy, so I decided to drive up and down the road a couple of times to knock him out (this is what I call the cop out method of putting your 2 year old down for a nap, it is easier this way) just as I was making my second round, psssssssssssttttttttt, effin' patch job melts off the tire.

So there I am, on the side of our dusty road in scorching heat tying to press the patch back into the tire as it rapidly sizzles down. FFFFFFFFF. I curse in front of Rohan, on (more than I would like to admit) occasion, and this was one of these times. I get Rohan out, collect our diaper bag, and with a bit of wishful thinking, encourage Rohan to walk up the hill with me. Nope. He has to be carried. EFF. Oh god, I am so pregnant/tired/out of shape. Tears are streaming down my face as I start trudging up our bloody hill. Everyday I love this road of ours a little bit less.

And that is when Colin drives by. I manage to make it only a few feet before the silver air-conditioned lifesaver of a car stops beside me. Colin is our neighbour. strange? yup, a bit! So he flops open the passenger door and offers me a lift. Busted being a girl. Crying. Damn. I blame the pregnancy as I hop in. So he takes me home and promises to come back and help with the van. I then try in vain to get Rohan down for a nap. Nope. He just keeps on peeing in refusal. Through his diaper. I take it off and put shorts on. Through his shorts onto our bed. I put underpants on. Out the fancy front hole of his underpants and onto his bed. Wow, welcome to frustration central, I will be your host.................No nap, I get it.

Colin comes back. We go to the van. There is no temporary fix on the patch, it pretty much melted off and left a gaping hole. Colin lifts up the van with his bare hands (or jack, however you want to imagine it) removes the tire and tosses it into the back of his truck for a joy ride to the mechanics. Thanks for the patch job mister, could I please have another? He did a much much better job this time (having a fellow guy there sure can make a difference) and did this one free of charge (you better believe it!). We drove back to the van. Colin tossed the tire back on like a hero, and voila, fixed (for now).

Colin basically saved me from spending the rest of my day crying inside the house while cleaning up Rohan's 'I refuse to nap' accidents. It is great to have great neighbours. A really crappy day turned out to be pretty good. I even managed to get Rohan down for a nap. Hmmm. Happy Tuesday!

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