Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daddy.....no daddy

Dearest Ro-Dog,

We were enjoying another one of our on going, ever anticipated nap time battles when you decided to start hitting and kicking. You + heat + tired mama = serious nap time battle. I am still not sure where I intend to go in the world of discipline (or if that is even a word I would like to use in our moments of 'guidance') but I do know that getting kicked kind of sucks.

SO at this moment in time, I decided on separation. I left the room and shut the door and watched the clock for three minutes. As I was was peacefully resting on my bed, glancing at the clock, you were screaming you little heart out. It had more of a growl than an actual teary sad sound. Very animalistic, very pronounced, pretty cute. During this spout of animal sound madness, you started screaming for daddy.

Daddy? Hmmm this is new. What could it mean? Could it mean that I have reached such a cruel and heartless point in our relationship that are now attempting to seek out daddy for the love, comfort and support that you 'used' to get from mama? Mama is now the disciplinarian? Or could it be......................a breakthrough? Are you now finally seeking out daddy as an additional person of comfort as well as mama? Are you starting to grow out of the 'mama is the only one who will ever be good enough' faze and into the knowledge that daddy ain't so bad after all?

Could this mean that if I have the urge to go to the toilet after you sneak into our bed in the morning, you will be okay with laying in bed with daddy until I get back and not hop out of bed in tears because I had abandoned you?

If this is the case little man, this it impeccable timing! If all goes well, in the next couple of months you develop such an okayness about things being done without mama, that you may even (fingers crossed) let daddy put you down to sleep? I know I said I love it, and for the most part I do, but it will be so much more difficult with the new bambino on mama's boob!

Baby steps my little friend, baby steps!

Love mama

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