Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Days

Dear Rohan,

We have suffered through a weekend of rain. The real negative aspect to this is two days straight of indoor activities. Saturday, these activities consisted of watching a movie (which we split up so it lasted all day long) Ferngully. I don't actually think that you are a big fan of movie watching. This gives us a good indication that you have a good healthy attention span for flashing lights. Though on days like this, a nice cuddle and movie could go a very long way!

We managed to head out Sunday morning for a super mini hike (there is only so far you will allow a walk to get before you beg to be carried..................kind of defeating the obtaining a tid bit of exercise that I was going for). It is such a pleasure to go for a walk with you, viewing nature with fresh, innocent eyes. Everything is an amazing discovery for you, and in turn for myself and your daddy. The colours a bit more vibrant and abundant, the bugs are a little less buggy and more enchanting, rocks, which have no end of fascination to you, become so much more than lumps on the ground. And water? Watch out for that water, we may never leave that very spot if you find any form of water, falling, puddling..............

Maybe after your nap we will try for another wet nature hike before dinner. I think we are all going to be in desperate need of a bit more fresh air before the day is done!

Thank you for the great experience Mister Magoo,

Sweet dreams!

Love Mama,

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