Tuesday, August 24, 2010

See ya Mom, wouldn't want to be ya

Dearest Rohan,

You had an opportunity to spend the day with your very good friend Emerald while mama went for another boring midwife appointment. At first I was a bit discouraged about your response to my excited urgings about this amazing upcoming adventure. Mama: Do you get to go play with your friend Emerald tomorrow? lucky guy Rohan: No (looks away in disgust and denial of any such activity). But come D day, I managed to pump you quite a bit about it.
Mama: Do you get to see Emerald today while mama goes to another midwife appointment, how fun for you! Rohan: (very excitedly) No now! Patience is a virtue I hear!

So off we went to Sharon and Emeralds house (the best name ever hey?) both of us in very good spirits. We drive into the driveway and there she is, your little friend, waving out the living room window. You hop out of the van (with a little assistance from ma) and run full tilt to the house. Good sign! Sharon (Emeralds Mom) and I chat for a bit, assess the situation, make sure you are comfy in your surroundings. All of these things got a big check, you and Emerald started to play right away. I love that you play together! Two is my new favourite age! So I went to leave requesting a big bye bye kiss, expecting............a little sadness at my departure. Nope. You looked up, gave me a kiss than went back to what you were doing. Just like that. See ya mom, wouldn't want to be ya.

When I returned from my solo trip, having had the first solo walk that I have had in a long time. I have to admit here that it was so nice to reach my destination at such a rapid speed, no stopping, looking, than running after you (not that I don't love our walks, don't get me wrong). It is a nice feeling sometimes! Anyway I got back to Sharons expecting a big warm welcome, and who comes running up to me? Emerald. You barely looked up from what you were doing, and I think you only came up to me out a feeling of shear obligation since Emerald did. I also found out that it was Emerald, and not the child that I bore, that inquired after me and watched from the window when I left. Ouch!

Is this a hint that maybe you would like to have some more time away from your mama?? I can handle that! So I guess we both had a good day!

Well I hear the water being drained from the tub, so bath time is over the next faze must begin, stories. That's where I come in!
Love you handsome, thank you for being so good with Sharon and Emerald!!

Love Mama

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