Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the double JB

JB's. Jumbo breasts. Mammoth Mammories. Huge honkers. Impressive Jugs. Mountainous Mole Hills. I am out of idea's, I know there are a million words for very large, firm, perky breasts, but my brain is failing me right now. Please feel free to add your bit.

These Milk makers come at a cost, the second JB, Jelly Belly! I have lost the girth, but not the rolly pollies. I am not concerned about it, it comes with the territory and I accept that. I am amused by it, it is an incredibly odd sensation to be able to stick your finger that far into your belly!

I remember how disappointed, sad and actually a little bit repulsed I was of my post baby body after Rohan. The JB's just didn't seem to make up for all the rest. I feel completely different or have a totally different frame of mind for this time. I knew what I would be getting into as far as the body goes, I have been there before. I also feel good, even a little proud of all the tell tale signs that my body is offering to show that I did in fact grow a human being inside of me.

Now I have to stop making excuses for dropping my incredibly large baby belly so fast when people comment. I hate that I feel guilty about being back to normal size already (though it is by no means back to 'normal'). Oh well...................whatever!

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