Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my little Sasquatch

Our handsome little Avery was obviously born with a nice, lush, full head of dark super soft baby hair. Our first, Mister Ro-Dog, had a similar affliction, though more of a flamey orange colour. This is something that my two lucky sons took after me. Believe it or not I was born with a full hair of very dark brown hair. Within the first couple of years I was stripped of my dark haired mystery only to obtain a perky little head of blond locks.

Apparently this hairy headedness was the cause of my chokingly painful heartburn during pregnancy, wives tail? Perhaps I am proof that it is in fact true.

Upon further inspection on my short dark and handsome fellow, we noticed yet more hair. his full head of hair actually extends down, with a light feathering, his forehead ending at the bottom of his eyebrows. He has charming little tufts of elfin hair popping out of the outside edges of his ears, both of them, though I think that righty is a bit longer. His shoulders offer a thin layer of hair that is usually reserved for the shameless speedo clad beach goers that are more hair than skin.

But last, and very much not least, our little elf leader (the meaning behind his name, really, look it up!), has what his father lovingly refers to as Tony Danzas. This affectionate naming refers to a stereotypical assumption that all people of Italian descent has hair spouting out from their butt cracks. This is exactly what is happening on Avery's crack, hair, and lots of it!

Colin was actually concerned enough to ask the midwife if the hair is there permanently, hilarious! I don't remember 'introducing' myself to a Sasquatch last January.............I did have quite a few glasses of wine though................

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