Thursday, November 11, 2010

talking in tongues

Rohan has many many new words these days, and he is making a constant effort to expand his vocabulary with every word he hears. Some of his efforts are made into hilarious words that Colin is constantly trying to correct I am constantly trying to hold onto for as long as possible.

Some examples of these are:

Hockey dick (stick) I know right!!
nakek (naked)
Pockek (pocket)
Sheeooo (Shoe)
Mooofan (muffin)
raddit (rabbit)
lummy (yummy)
magot (magnet)
gog or goggy (dog or doggy)
dat (cat)
all gong (all gone)

He used to say bap for back but Colin made sure to correct that one................I loved it!

But now he is also speaking a whole new set of words from an origin unknown to myself or Colin
(even, potentially Rohan). Our son is now speaking in tongues.

We have, at times, suspected that he may be possessed by......................something, but now our suspicions seem more founded!

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