Thursday, November 4, 2010

The perfect baby

I am a bit nervous about this post because I don't want to jinx it.

Back in my new mom day's I often heard about this specific class of babies. Listening to these moms made me think they were either lying, or just being smug. 'yeah, tell me more about you precious bundle of joy that has practically slept through the night since birth, thhhhhhhhhhhhh'. These super babies that never fuss, doing nothing other than sleep, eat and poop. Not possible. Is it?

Well, call me smug, but I am pretty sure that this baby dropped down from angel baby land, to float peacefully and sleepily onto my breast with a contented sigh. I don't really offer this information to brag, trust me. At first we were concerned with this sleeping thing, so much so, that Colin made me take his temperature to make sure he didn't have a fever, he is that sleepy. I have actually woken this child up to relieve the massive boulders, that at one point resembled breasts. Woke him up...............seriously.

Avery has given me hope in a world that I have only known to be sleepless. In a world of nap battles and bed time battles, a child exists that falls asleep when gently place in a supine position temporarily while I get something in the kitchen. Alone. By himself. Without rocking, nursing, singing or some form of white noise. Whether this lasts is irrelevant, these couple of weeks have been baby bliss.

I offer this small measly dose of hope to new and seasoned mothers alike, some babies do sleep. Do not give up hope! I will keep you updated once this honeymoon period ends!

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