Friday, November 19, 2010

mama milk

When Colin and I first decided (I decided and Colin finally agreed) to start trying for another baby I decided it was a good time to wean my little man from mama milk. I didn't like the idea of breastfeeding with those incredibly sensitive and often painful nipples that are very much indicative to pregnancy.

By this point Rohan was pretty close to being weaned anywho. He was down to the night feeding that put him back to sleep in the middle of the night. We finally decided that since he wasn't one for sleeping through the night anyway, we might as well graduate him to the big boy bed so when he woke up, he could come to us, instead of us going to him.

It worked out pretty well actually. We flopped a futon frame on the floor with a double ikea foamy mattress and TADA the perfect, if he rolled out of bed it would cause no damage to his pretty face, bed! Not only did this transition work to help him sleep a bit better (initially, then of course the honeymoon period ended as it always does) but it removed the need for the night feedings. So that was that, no fuss no muss, Rohan was easily and happily wean from mamas teats! It was so nice to have the titties back in my possession for a while.

There was one incident several months after this weaning that Rohan got it into his head that he needed some more of that sweet sweet liquid gold. It was a morning like any other except that Rohan was aggressively pulling my shirt down trying to get at my dried up sandbags (or as some call them, breasts). He was determine to have some, which was totally out of the blue and totally out of the question. he got over it, but it made me a bit concerned about his possible reaction to my feeding the soon to arrive new baby.

Would he want to try it out again? How would I react to this? Offer it to him when it is the icky colostrum so he wouldn't like it and never ask for it again? Nope, I wouldn't want something liek that to backfire, there was no way I was going to feed a toddler and an infant, he had his time. Flat out refuse it was my next, and most feasible, option, that is if the time came.

For the duration of my pregnancy I tried to prepare Rohan for what babies were really like, using a doll or stuffy I would feed it, burp it and make it CONSTANTLY cry. Eventually I think we established that babies weren't really that much fun and that their food of choice was mama milk, which came from mama's 'boob'.

Once Bambino number two came along, I forgot about my concern about Rohan's possible reaction to the baby's food of choice as it never really came up as far as Rohan wanting any. We have occasionally joked about Rohan eating mama milk, both of us laughing and offering grossed out looks on our faces. And then, a couple of days ago Rohan suprised me with his little imagination. He picked up one of his stuffed animal and placed horizontally across his chest and stated 'Mama Milk'. He was pretending to feed his stuffed animal!

This is a Way Way better reaction to this dilemma! And he moves on up to the cutest kid EVER!!

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