Friday, June 24, 2011

Advanced kiddlets

Our household has been jam packed with new and amazing developmental advancements this week!  It has been a week filled with amazement, awe......Okay, it has been pretty exciting for me anyway, and maybe a bit for the kids.  I think even the old man cracked smile of carefully masked appreciation.

For Rohan, the excitement brought on animated yowling of joy from his mama.  I was outside filling up the ole car tire (as I do every morning, really must get the bloody thing plugged one of these days!) and checking out the beauty that is my mini garden of vegetable Eden. Ro-Dog was inside hiding from the swarms of 'skitos.  When I entered the house The R-Dog informed me that he had urinated. As I attempted to partially hide my irritation at having to deal with yet another pair of pee pee pants to clean, I went on the hunt for the puddle of yurn on the floor.  I was than lovingly guided to the potty and shown it rimming with wee wee.  Without any demanding or coaxing or convincing from me, he took it upon himself to just walk into the bathroom, pull down his tiny, adorable, Spiderman boy undies, and peed.  A first, of hopefully many many moments of independence.   Pardon me while I weep.

For the A-Rock, the advancements just kept on rolling in.  In the short span of one week our littlest started sitting up on his accord, popped out his first tooth, started eating some finger foods (grapes and blueberries) and continues on his mission to crawl.  He has also gone through some crazy growth spurt, suddenly busting out of his 3-6 month clothing, cruising past the 6 months and now fitting comfortable in his 12 monthers.  Wowza!  We are luckily stocked up in the 12 month clothing.

So sleeping has been......................a little out of whack let's say.   A lot more co-sleeping happening, myself wedged in between  two pairs of stinky boy feet.  But I love it!  I love watching my little boys grow up.  Kind of awesome..........

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