Monday, June 13, 2011

too clever for a 3 year old

A while back I mentioned my true initiation into parenthood, the first declaration of love from my amazing little toddler.  Swoon.  You can not beat that sound, the sound of adoration from your little man.  This became a constant in our daily conversations, completely not coaxed by me.  We would be innocently going for a walk down the street and out would come 'Me love you, and daddy and Avery'.  Damn he wins cutest kid award for sure.

Well, things have changed a little bit in this happy little household of ours.  It came out of the blue, I don't even know if we were all around for this monumental and totally upsetting moment.  Colin could have been at work, or elsewhere, but I am pretty sure he wasn't around to hear the first, of many, sad mutterings of his wee man.

"Me no love daddy anymore'

That is the sound of my and Colin's heart breaking up into little pieces.   It was sad, but we got through it.  I even may have mentioned it to a few friends over coffee.  Poor Colin, Rohan has never talked about any decrease in affection toward his mother, you know the hand that feeds him.  Smart kid.  That is, until tonight.

I was peacefully reading in the bath, waiting for Rohan to come and join me, when I heard 'Me no love mama, me love you'.  This was said to dear ole dad.

Now, I may have been completely deceived in this concept, but I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to hear those words until the infamous teenage angst years.  And, I was certain, that it was something that would not often be spoken against me, his mother. He is my little boy after all, he is supposed to love me unconditionally..............forever.

But here we are, dealing with our crafty son pitting his parents against each other, an incredibly amusing issue we didn't realize was in the capacity of a child at the tender age of 3.  Very clever little man, very clever indeed. Too clever in fact.

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