Monday, June 20, 2011

daddy does that sometimes

There are many many amazing things that suddenly occur when your child starts talking to you in full, comprehensive sentences. The first things is obvious, the fact that your once drooling, cooing, infant is now a toddler talking about the size of the mole on your chest, amazing (ish)!  Actually he has started calling my moles nipples, in fact a lot of things are now called nipple........but whatever!

We have actual, real, adult conversations now.  He explains situations to me, or tell me stories, or even offers me up imaginative scenarios.  He is a rockstar at imaginative play..  What I have found myself doing during our conversations these days is getting information out of him. 

I have been enjoying interactive, imaginative play, but with a purpose.  Pure curiosity.  I want to know if any part of our daily lives gets played out.  Any dirt.  You know, those days that you would sooner forget than to watch your young toddler play it on the living room carpet with his dinosaurs.  So far so good. Nothing significant, or real for that matter, totally imaginative play.

Except, his absolutely hilarious and constant statement of daddy does that sometimes.  He farts and calls it an air toot daddy says that sometimes.  He starts trying to play wipe out with me by running and smashing into me from across the room daddy let me watch that sometimes.  I can, without any coaxing, get all the dirt on what happens with daddy when I am not around..............YES!!  I love it!  Such a gossip queen.  Daddy is in TROUBLE!

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