Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Ladies!

Well my friends, it finally happened, and I am exhausted.  In the past, pre baby #2, I assumed this was an impossibility, I just never thought I could ever get so lucky so early in the game.  It was so easy, so so simple.  Too simple.  I am going to want more and more, on a more and more regular basis.  Such an extravagance, such a novelty.

That's right, ladies night, and it was glorious.  In fact, I was extremely, embarrassingly, excited about it.  So excited that as I was walking toward the restaurant the excitement started to bubble over, before I had a chance to contain it, I busted a giggling happy dance, with a super sexy strut (or so I thought!).  Apparently I don't get out much.

Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a piss up, party till you dance topless on the tables (everyone does that right?).  It was just the ladies going out for a nice classy dinner at some nice classy digs.  If anyone has had Noodle Box, it is like that, but eat in, and not in a box! Yum effin Yum.

Do you want to know what a pile of new moms (and one seasoned professional) sit around and talk about?  I bet you do (not) care!  Sleep (lessness) vomit (baby and adult), and poop.  Was there more in the conversation?  Maybe, but these three subjects ALWAYS reign supreme with moms.  ALWAYS.  The poor, romantic, couple behind us.  Nobody really needs to hear this shit, but we just cannot help ourselves.

Despite the fact that I was forced awake several times that night, and permanently at 4am, I had a great time.  Despite the fact that I manage to leave the house twice a week for a couple of hours each, this was so so much different.  It was out. It was great.  It will most definitely happen again!

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