Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hummus stinks!

I have made some not so pleasant discoveries in my food introduction project with Avery.  My number 25 food, yogurt, backs the poor lad up.  When once he was leaving me little presents in his diaper up to 5 times a day, he is now down to one if I am lucky (depending, of course, on what you consider to be lucky.......poop happens to be a HUGE gold star in my life right now..........*sob* ).

I also have a dilemma with my number 26 food.  Aside from producing some of the most nostril hair burning smell from Avery's diaper thus far that is!  This food product is actually an accumulation of several food products.  Hummus..  Now do I just count it as one, or do I add them all up as individual ingredients?  Considering my numbers are pretty low right now, I may do a bit of a cheap and offer a few of them up with their own number.

26. Chickpeas
 27.  Tahini
28. Lemon
28. garlic
I am tempted with the olive oil, but I will omit it in order to not seem too petty! 
29. Cucumber  this was not actually in the hummus, and in no way was associated with the hummus, just an extra food.
Also 30. Barley

But mostly, Yams and banana's are what his diet consists of.  Banana's are just too bloody easy for me not to feed it to him everyday.  I can bring a banana anywhere, squish little pieces with my fingers and tada, meal.  With the astonishing amount of crap that I need to take with me everywhere I go, it is nice to only have to bring a banana for lunch!

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