Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i'll pump you up

I have been invited to shin dig that has been an annual event for the people of our wee village.  It is happening in a couple of weeks.  I am crapping my pants.  This super special event is for girls only, for the first time, no boys or men allowed.  Sounds great, sounds easy.  There is more.  It's a camp out.  Over night.  All night.  No boys.

No sweat right?  Well.........I have actually never been away from home over night since we have had a home.  I went out, over a weekend to visit a friend once while we lived in Victoria.  However, this was not sans child........does it count?  Nope, it really doesn't.

In the last 3 years of having Rohan and Avery, I have not spent one night away from either of them.  Do you know what that sounds like in my head?  Dedicated!  No, actually, kind of sad.  So now I am starting to pump like a mad woman.  In fact I did some pumping while watching the final Stanley cup game............didn't even get an ounce, is that bad luck?  And now I have my fingers and toes crossed that he will start drinking from the bottle and not just chewing and crying. 

It may take a  lot of psyching myself up to leave my little and big men (or not, I may just end up escaping with a spring in my step...)  I am even nervous about having a few drinks, like more than two.  Why I haven't had more than two consecutive alcoholic beverages since.............hmmmm since taking on the daunting task of making another baby.  That is an on going event that needs a whole lot of wine, that's fo sho! 

So here we go, a full night off from the boys, surrounded by girls, surrounded by estrogen, surrounded by tents, a lake, booze and good freaking times.  Oh god, I can't breathe........................

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