Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bite me

Avery and I are sat on the couch, curled in the far corner, staring lovingly into each others eyes.  He suckles contently on my teat, obtaining the liquid gold that sustained him in his infancy, soothes him, fills him, makes him sleepy, happy and chunky.  This is the stuff that he lives for. 

We sit there, contently on the couch, bonding over our ever so uncommon one on one time.  His eyes squint a bit in a grin, his gums clamp down and he pulls with everything his little jaws have.  Only after a high pitched screech sprays out of my mouth does he finally release his grip, staring right in my eye, offering a big, slobbery, cheeky grin.

He looks at my face, grin still enveloping his face, he looks over at my sore and tender nipple, than ever so gentle flicks it with a finger.  Giggles escaping his gape mouth as he grabs as much breast as he can fit in his tiny fist, pulling with all his might until it finally reaches it ultimate destination, his wide open mouth.

Pure delight is spread across his face.  Pure dread forms around mine.  Above act is repeated. Then repeated again.  He laughs (maniacally I can only assume).  I tuck my throbbing mammary back into its padded hammock, swearing to my self that these antics will have to end once he starts sprouting teeth. 

I may be nipple less by the end of this one.......

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