Monday, March 28, 2011

Condiment soup

Rohan eats butter. Not the typical toast and butter, or steamed vegetables and butter, though he feigns interest in said vessels. What he really wants is that butter. In fact, when we let him spread the butter on his own toast/vegetables, he takes a bit for vessel and the rest he just sticks directly into his mouth.

This is an occurrence, in fact, for most condiments. He will lick from the spoon that was dipped in mayonnaise, eat, with his fingers, the mound of dipping ketchup on his plate. In fact, such a fondness for dips has brought him to the point of eating hummous and peanut butter directly from the container with a spoon .

I know that this isn't a conundrum my child alone is a part of. I have heard many horror stories from other alarmed and disgusted parents. In fact I have heard similar stories involving myself and other family members who were afflicted by a similar condiment loving problem as children.

Pre-mamahood, I had only seen this first hand on the rarest of occasions. It is disturbing to say the least. But now I that I live this EVERY day it has gone from slightly repulsive, to pure disturbed amusement. In fact, one time, when we were dining at a restaurant and I was looking the other way, Rohan grabbed one of the butter balls and shoved the whole thing in his delighted little mouth. Everyone at the table was trying to hide the retching noises from escaping their mouths. Barf. Kids are pretty icky sometimes!

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