Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Geek Store

I have raised the bar for my now elevated levels of geekdom. It happened so suddenly I didn't see it coming.

I have walked by this section in many a library and bookstore and second hand store, always vowing 'not for me'. I will never never pick up a book that calls me a dummy without even knowing me (though once you get to know me you find that the rumours are so very true).

Then it happened, one fateful day. I was perusing the book selection at our local second hand shop (our family has an insatiable addiction to books) and there it was winking and smiling at me, begging me to pick up it's fine black and yellow cover, just take a peek, just heft the weight of it, JUST BUY IT. With the price of under a dollar singing in the back of my head, I could hardly resist.

And so I bought it. And so it sat on my book shelf, just waiting for me to finish all my trashy fiction novels and get into something a bit more informational, a bit more heady. It drew me. I couldn't stop myself. I did it for you my 6 followers and my secret readers. I wanted to make myself into a better, more informed blogger, I wanted to keep your interests high, to keep up with your demand for more and more interesting and insightful posts.

You may see some new and magnificent changes to this here blog (or not, you know, whatever). Now that I have purchased the Dummies Guide to Blogging, I will have hundreds of followers hanging on my every word, wanting desperately to find out more and more information about my crazy adventures of diaper changing and cleaning milky vomit from my clothing/floor/sheets/face. People will just not be able to get enough of my constant flow of witticisms and amusingness (I claim that word for my very own dictionary). The demand will be so high, I will have to write a book for all of my faithful follows to read, and read again, like poetry, but blog posts.

Or Not. Whatever.

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