Friday, March 18, 2011

Idle mom

So often, over the last couple of months, I have felt like a super lame mom. The guilt was just overwhelming. I spent the last legs of my second pregnancy avoiding anything that will have to make me sit down low (such as in the infamous sandbox that Rohan just could not get enough of) so as to avoid the arduous task of getting back up again. I was tired, and felt oh so lazy. It took all the effort I had left in my body to just prepare to leave the house. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I WAS tired and I WAS a pretty lazy mom.

Fast forward to birthing this infant child that made me drag my feet for so long, and there I was, still dragging my feet. It turns out, having an infant child can be a little tiring (see pure, sleepless exhaustion). So, there I was, once again, lazy, boring, unfun mom. Guilt oozing out of my every pore.

And as I gleefully come upon the 5th month of infant childs life, I realize, I still don't seem to have an abundance of energy. It could be something to do with the weather, (these Quebec winters are ridiculous!) the fact that we live a bit in the country so to go for a stroll, we need to pack the kiddlets up into the van and drive to go for a walk, or it could just be good ole fashioned lack of solid sleep at night. Whatever the case may be, tired and boring I still tend to be.

With all of this hanging over my head, I had started to question how good my recent parenting skills were, that is until I read this article.

Now that I have been offered the understanding that my parenting skills are not only good, they are exceptional, I can hold my head way up high (see- lay my head down on my arms for a short after breakfast nap at the kitchen table) with the realization that my new found style of parenting totally rocks!

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