Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fallen in love for a second time

I can see now that you will be assuming that the second coming of this love affair I speak of would inevitably be, of course, my second child. That would make sense wouldn't it? That is, in fact, not even close to what I am talking about. Sure, the infant child is pretty cute, and he has quite the smile, and even his chin full of drool can make a heart swoon.

My renewed love, however, is not a living breathing person, but an inanimate, yet kinetic, object. This object of my affection has been inert and partially molding in our basement for the last couple of months. Sad and lonely, it sat in a dark corner, with ne'er a glance in it's general direction.

That all came to change with the impending trip to Montreal that I have been begging for FOREVER and that Colin finally relented on. To make this trip sound more appealing, I brought up the possibility of bringing this said object with us on our mini family adventure. It worked!! Shit yeah, the power of nagging! haha

Hello double Chariot, your children await!

So I went out and purchased this addition to the stroller so that Avery can enjoy the ride as well. Oh how they loved their first spin on the cougar 2, oh how the Chariot enjoyed the comfort of little giggling children sitting on it's extremely uncomfortable looking bench.

I LOVE YOU CHARIOT COUGAR 2 WITH INFANT SLING ATTACHMENT. So worth the $400 I had to pay for you used! No really!

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