Saturday, March 19, 2011

The weight is lifted from my shoulders

I am terrified of confrontation of any kind. In any case where I am confronted I can feel my pulse race, my hands get clammy, my eyes bug out of my head, I stammer, I sweat, it is not pretty. Whether I am innocent or guilty of whatever I am being confronted about, I ALWAYS feel guilty. I act guilty, my body language is that of a person that is oozing guilt. I can't help it.

So this terror is the reasoning behind my putting off speaking with the collection agency that has been dealing with my student loan debt. I am a total wimp. I had a conversation with them many MANY years ago in order to come up with a payment plan to pay it off. I am not a bad person, in fact more often than not, I can be pretty reasonable. I don't want to have a debt hanging over my head, I would like to pay it off, but I never ever have 4-5 thousand dollars just laying around waiting to be used to pay off a collection agency. Nor do I have a rich relative that I can borrow the money from. Sorry guys, it is payment plan or nothing.

Those guys are pretty ruthless, they don't want payment plans, they want money NOW. So, after being made feel like a total dirtball for not having large sums of money, I decided nothing was exactly what they will get. Except of course come tax time when all of my return goes to my debt. Oh that money would sure have come in handy, but whatever, I thought to myself, at least I am paying off my interest for the year.

Finally, in my desire to grow up and settle my debts I decided to call these dreaded collection agents. Face the fear, confront head we go. It wasn't exceptionally easy getting a hold of them, which I found strange, but once i did I received some interesting news indeed. Apparently I owed a total of $51.18. That's right, not the original $5118 that I was expecting to hear. It turns out that all of those years of giving up my taxes actually payed off my student loan. Holy shit!

Idle lifestyle, Idle parenting, avoiding confrontation at all costs. It pays off my friends, big time. The only thing that made these couple of day better was finding a used VHS video of Garden State pretty much my favourite movie ever. Yes, I am lame. damn, I wish I had taken a picture of that cheque before I mailed it.

Even after a bit of phone calling and investigation, am still a bit skeptical, but optimism shall reign supreme right now, it is just making my wine taste so much better!

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