Thursday, March 17, 2011


We have reached the critical WHY stage here at the Mckittrick/Peters household. Everything that we say is now answered with a resounding why mama/daddy? Often we know the answer, but as we dig deeper and deeper into the why's of things, I realize how very little I actually think about why most things do/are the way they are. Heck no, I don't have enough room in my barely functioning brain to analyze every little thing, and yet upon that wagon I shall leap.

I heard rumours of this stage in toddlers lives, but I just never thought it would happen to us!

So along with the why's of things, we have started to actually teach Rohan things. Not just this is a ball and this is how you throw it kind of stuff, but real life information. Colin has started on the rotation of the the earth/moon and what happened to the dinosaurs, and the both of us have started to talk to him about nocturnal animals.

Is this talk a bit early? Heck yes it is. I was very sure he had no idea what the what we were talking about, I mean these topics can be pretty tricky even for us to understand. But it turns out that we are actually breeding genius children!! Rohan has sat down and explained to me that the earth moves around the sun which creates day and night in two separate spots on our planet (which he tells me is earth). He then explained the many theories on how the dinosaurs became extinct, such as explosion, nothing left to eat, arrival of the ice age, etc etc.

Finally, last night, we asked him to name a few nocturnal animals, and he totally rocked it. In fact he named some animals such as the fox, that WE didn't even realize was nocturnal. Oh shit, Rohan has already surpassed me in knowledge. I may need to brush up on my schooling before he hits kindergarten!

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  1. You could totally do a whole solar system project with him and paint a bunch of styrofoam balls of different sizes - that would be so fun (and messy, which means it would be fun for Rohan!!).

    Oh, and you know what's great for teaching kids when they're super young - those educational posters you can get either at the good toy stores, or at educational supply/book stores. I got a handful for my nephew (solar system, life cycle of a frog, animals that live in the oceans, etc) and he loves them! Now he keeps looking in ditches and stuff for frogs eggs because I told him he could bring them home and keep them in a bucket on the patio to see what happens (haha... not my house!!). They're great tools because they're illustrated, so Rohan could understand most of it now without even needing to read the descriptions.